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Recycling centres

Household waste recycling centre - Radcliffe

Did you know... you can recycle around 75% of your rubbish?

Welcome to the world of recycling!

We are all aware of the ever increasing pressures on the Earth's resources, and the need to reduce waste and pollution. The drive to recycle is all the greater now that local authorities have been set specific targets for recycling.

As the availability of appropriate landfill sites is reducing and the cost of sending waste to landfill is rising, we need to find other ways of disposing of household waste.  By recycling you are helping to conserve raw materials, save energy and reduce pollution.  You will also cut down on the amount of waste you send to landfill.

Local authorities are required to pay for the disposal of household rubbish and the cost of providing this service is included within Council tax bills.

You can do your bit

We need your help to reduce the amount of waste we send for disposal at landfill .  Please cut back on your waste and recycle as much as you can. 

For information about household waste recycling centres and to search for a recycling centre for the type of waste you want to recycle - view the pages at the links on the left.

We offer a range of recycling services to make it as easy and convenient as possible for residents in Bury to recycle.   For information about what you can recycle at the kerbside visit the 'Household waste and kerbside collections' pages - see the link on the right.

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