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Working Carers Employee Group

Carer's Group

The Working Carers Employee group was formed on 15 December 2006 following the issue of a questionnaire to all staff to identify carers for a carers register. The group gives members the option of attending meetings, receiving information or both.

The principle aim of the group is to "work towards ensuring that the carer's perspective is proactively incorporated within the council's policy and planning process and procedures; and to assist with developing good practices".

The group meets quarterly and corporate human resources have agreed that meetings will last a maximum of 2 hours and that all staff carers can attend the meeting in works time.

Registration form

If you would like to join the carers register or attend the meetings of the Working Carers Employee group please complete and return in confidence the attached registration form to Alistair Mirfin.

Working carer's guide

A Working Carer's guide has been created and can be downloaded from this web page.

Further information for carers

For further information for carers, please see the Council's Caring Responsibilities web page using the link on the right hand side of this page under Related Pages.