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Landlord not doing repairs

The Urban Renewal team deal with requests for advice and assistance from tenants regarding the condition of their housing.

They will inspect properties to assess potential risks to health and safety, and where necessary require landlords to make any necessary repairs/improvements.

Landlord not doing repairs

We have a legal obligation to protect tenants from inappropriate and illegal behaviour by landlords. We'll work with tenants to ensure necessary repairs are undertaken within a reasonable time and the property is fit to live in.

The kind of problems we can help with

  • Repairs your landlord has failed to carry out. For example, if you've reported a problem your landlord should make the repair within a reasonable time.
  • Communicating with your landlord. For example, if your landlord fails to respond to your phone calls. 

What we'll do after you've reported a problem

1. Contact you to and discuss the problem with you.

2. If required make an appointment to inspect the property.

3. Contact the landlord to inform them of the necessary work to make your home fit to live in following the inspection. 

4. Agree a reasonable timescale with your landlord for the repairs to be undertaken.

5. Monitor your landlord's progress and take further action if the response is inadequate.

6. If necessary, take legal action against your landlord to ensure the repairs are undertaken.

7. Keep the tenant informed throughout the process.

How to make a housing defect complaint

You can contact us in writing or visit: 
Urban Renewal Service, Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 0SW.

Or telephone 0161 253 5353

Please note: You must report any defects to your landlord and allow sufficient time for the repair/s to be carried out before making a housing defect complaint.

Alternatively DO it online by choosing the "Contact Environmental Services online" in contact us section (top right of this page) and complete the "Submit a comment or make a suggestion" form. The benefit of this method is that you will have a record of the query you have made and the service that you have made it to.

Housing standards

All residential premises should provide a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupants and visitors.

Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

The Housing Health & Safety Rating System is a method for assessing health and safety risks within residential dwellings and it replaces the fitness standard that was used under the Housing Act 1985.

What action can be taken?

We may:

  • serve an improvement notice requiring essential repairs or improvements to reduce or remove the hazard;
  • make a prohibition order, closing all or part of a building or restricting the number of occupiers to reduce or remove a hazard;
  • take emergency action to deal with any imminent risk to the occupiers from a severe hazard; or
  • serve a Hazard Awareness Notice that informs that a hazard is present.

Notices or orders can be appealed at the Residential Property Tribunal.

More information

The Residential Property Tribunal Service is the public body that can decide many rent and leasehold disputes.

The web site has copies of The Housing Act 2004 and The Housing Health and Safety (England) Regulations 2005.

Frequently asked questions

I rent my house from a private landlord and it needs repairs carrying out. What should I do?

You should notify your landlord, in writing, of the repairs needed and allow a reasonable period for your landlord to carry out the repairs. You should also try to speak to your landlord in order to explain the problem and reach an agreement about the repairs. If your landlord fails to carry out the repairs, call us and we will visit your home to assess what repairs are needed, if necessary we will then contact the landlord on your behalf.

How long will it take for my landlord to get necessary repairs done?

This depends on the repairs needed and the response from your landlord. If the condition of the house is dangerous we may be able to get the repairs completed in a couple of days. However, it can take up to 6 months or longer to complete the repairs that are not as necessary.

Can I withhold my rent if the landlord fails to carry out the repairs?

If you do you may be evicted for not paying your rent. However, you can take action through the County Court. We advise you to get legal advice from either a solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

What safety checks does the landlord have to carry out?

All gas appliances must be inspected every 12 months by a qualified Gas Safe Registered contractor and the landlord should obtain a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate. You should be supplied with a copy of this certificate.

I rent my home from a Housing Association and have problems getting repairs done. Can you help me resolve the problem?

Yes. The same laws apply to Housing Associations and private landlords.

I rent my home from Six Town Housing. Can you help me get my repairs done?

No. We cannot enforce any laws against ourselves. We can however offer advice, but you should only contact us as a last resort.

What is a House in Multiple Occupation?

A house in multiple occupation is basically a house (or flat), which contains more than one household.