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Bury Art Museum

Bury Art Museum Ring balcony Moor at Prayer

Welcoming, warm and friendly Bury Art Museum is the perfect place to enjoy art and find out more about the rich history of Bury and the surrounding area. Showcasing the best of international and local art and with the addition of Bury Art Shop, Bury Art Museum can truly offer something for all interests.The collections and exhibitions are supported by a range of activities and events which allow visitors to explore and enjoy the Gallery and Museum further. All housed in a distinctive Edwardian building that is a work of art in itself.

Family friendly

Children and their carers are welcome and we're developing new family friendly activities all the time. Look out for the activities in the museum and gallery such as creating Victorian Toy Theatre and Giant Portraits. We run workshops every Saturday and during the school holidays, for information about these workshops and activities for children follow the Family Activities link to the right.

Wonderful collections

Find out more about our collections by following the Museum's blog and discover more hidden gems as our Curator reveals what's 'Inside the Box'. Follow the link to the right.