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Local MPs and MEPs - information and advice

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Her Majesty's Government consists of ministers responsible for the conduct of national affairs. The Queen alone appoints the Prime Minister and all other ministers are appointed by her on the Prime Minister's recommendation. Most ministers are members of the Commons, although the Government is also fully represented by ministers in the Lords.

The Prime Minister presides over the Cabinet, is responsible for allocating functions among ministers and, at regular meetings with the Queen, informs her of the general business of the Government.

Bury Council falls within the North West region with respect to elections for the European Parliament. This region is represented by a total of 8 MEPs.

The borough of Bury is represented at Westminster by the following Members of Parliament.

David Nuttall MP

David Nuttall, Bury North MP

Write to me at:
David Nuttall MP,
15 St Mary's Place,
BL9 0DZ.

Tel: 0161-797-5007.

Ivan Lewis MP

Ivan Lewis, Bury South MP

Write to me at:
Ivan Lewis MP,
381 Bury New Road,
M25 1AW,
or at: The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Three surgeries are held every month.
To arrange an appointment telephone 0161-773-5500.
Send a fax to 0161-773-7959.
Send an email to:

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Position of Bury in the North West
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