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Housing strategies, policies, research & partnerships

What is a Housing Strategy?

A housing strategy is an effective long-term way of assessing, planning and meeting the varied housing requirement in Bury. Strategies can be general like the borough's housing strategy, which looks at all aspects of housing in Bury, or can be specific to a particular theme or client group such as older people or homelessness.

What are policies?

Policies are a set of guidance, procedures or principles for dealing with the way we deliver our services, and deal with our customers. Housing policies are often identified within Bury's housing strategies as gaps where further research is required.

What is research?

Research is the process of collecting information and data and analysis about all aspects of housing in Bury that informs strategies, and make the basis for our policy making. For example Bury carries out a 'Housing Needs Study' to gather information about our residents, their housing need, demand and aspirations.

Who are partners?

Partners are people from public and private organisations that work with Bury Council towards common housing goals. Each partner has a part to play in delivering the housing strategy priorities, and developing a range of high quality homes and housing services to meet the needs and aspirations of local people.

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