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Youth Service

The Youth Service in Bury works to promote the personal and social development of young people between the ages of 11 and 19 and up to 25 years for those young people with additional needs to enable them to fulfil their potential as empowered members of society.

Bury Youth Service

The Youth Service targets its work and provision to the most vulnerable young people and priority is given to the 13-19 age groups.

The service offers young people opportunities that are;

Educative - enabling young people to gain skills and knowledge that are necessary to identify their rights and responsibilities as individuals or members of groups and communities.

Participative - through voluntary relationships that ensure young people feel secure and safe to become involved in both the learning process and decision making structures.

Empowering - supporting young people to understand and act on personal, social and political issues which affect their lives.

Equal in opportunity - through challenging oppression and discrimination that may occur from differences of colour, culture, language, sexual identity, gender, disability, age, religion or class.

A variety of methods are used in the delivery of targeted youth work throughout the borough. These include health clinics, structured training sessions, courses, outdoor pursuits, sports, residential experiences and outdoor activities.  Additionally school based work and partnership work with both the statutory and voluntary sector is used.

Where it is appropriate, work undertaken by young people is accredited through various channels such as AQA, in-service certification.

Bury Youth Service is part of Bury Council's Children's Services and is based at The New Kershaw Centre, Deal Street, Bury.

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