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Forced marriage

Forced marriage is a crime in the UK and in other countries. Cases generally involve women aged between 15 and 24.

Forced marriage

Things you may not know about forced marriage

  • One in four victims is under the age of 18
  • One in 17 victims is male
  • Although 80 per cent of those responsible for coercing people into forced marriage are male, one in five is female.
  • The vast majority are members of the same family as the victim
  • Out of 109 so-called "honour killings" studied by the Homicide Prevention Unit, one in five was linked to forced marriage
  • If you are worried about being forced into a marriage in the UK or have been a victim of a forced marriage, then you may find the following information useful.

If you are worried that someone may be taken abroad and be forced to marry then they should contact the forced marriage unit on 0207-008-0151.

You should have a copy of this information and send a copy to the Forced Marriage Unit

  • Name as on passport
  • Passport number, date and place of issue
  • Address and telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • A recent photograph
  • Departure and expected return dates
  • Parents name
  • Contact of trusted friend in UK
  • Details of who you will be staying with abroad (name & Address).

In an emergency contact the police: 999 or 112.

Emergency Duty Team contacts:

  • Police Non Emergency 0161-872-5050
  • Public Protection Unit Bury 0161-856-4582
  • Forced Marriage Unit 0207-008-0151
  • Bury Emergency Duty Team 0161-253-6606
  • Bury Law Centre 0161-272-0666.

Get help now

If you had a forced marriage conducted abroad, then you should speak to a solicitor who specialises in family law. You could also speak to the Forced Marriage Unit (telephone: 0207-008-0151) who could support you in retracting your spouse's visa application.

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