Highway works at Rowlands Road/Railway Street, Summerseat

Proposed start date: 21 July 2017
Proposed completion date: 10 September 2017

Why are the works being carried out?

The work is being undertaken to replace worn out road surfaces as part of our highway refurbishment programme.

What's happening?

We are going to resurface Rowlands Road and Railway Street between Crag Lane and Peel Hall Road / Waterside Road.

These works will include the replacement of the road surface including repairs to the drainage system along the full length of Rowlands Road. 

When will the works begin and how long will they last?

The works are planned to start on 21 July 2017 and will last for approximately 7 weeks.

The initial works shall be carried out on Rowlands Road. These works will involve drainage investigation works to determine the condition of the existing highway drainage system.

These works will be undertaken between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Sunday.

On completion of the drainage works the road between Crag Lane and Peel Hall Road/Waterside Road will be resurfaced.

Inevitably when undertaking a scheme of this nature, some disruption is unavoidable but we   will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

Who is going to control the works?

Both the design and construction of the works are being co-ordinated by us. We will be responsible for the supervision of the works throughout the duration of the contract.

What about noise from the works?

The works will be monitored by officers on site to ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum. There will be a contact telephone number for complaints whilst the works are in progress.

Who will be the point of contact for any enquiries during and outside working hours?

There will always be a point of contact to discuss any issues during working hours, a council officer in the Engineering Services will be the first point of contact for enquiries.

Outside working hours, an emergency, out of hours number is also available.

Will access be maintained?

Rowlands Road will be completely closed between Queens Place and Twist Bridge to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic from the 21 July until completion of the works. Due to the nature of the drainage works, deep excavations will be required and it would not be safe to reopen until these works have been completed.

Signed diversion routes will be put in place to direct vehicles and pedestrians.  Access will be maintained at all times along Railway Street during these works, however parking suspensions will be in place between 8am-6pm, so that resurfacing works can proceed without hindrance.

Will the bus service be affected?

Rowlands Road will be closed to vehicular traffic during these works. The bus service will therefore terminate at Summerseat Garden Centre where a temporary stop will be provided.

What about access for emergency vehicles - police, fire, ambulance etc?

All the emergency services will be notified well in advance of the commencement of the works and will be made aware of any restrictions in place.

Contact details for enquiries

Report a road problem

Contact details during office hours - 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Phone: 0161 253 7689 or email: engcon@bury.gov.uk

Contact details in an out-of-hours emergency 

Phone our Community Safety Service: 0161 253 6606

Important information

The Contractor(s) employed by us have a duty to keep the works safe for the benefit of all users of the public highway. If you see anyone tampering with or removing any signs or barriers, particularly overnight, please ring the emergency number above. You could help prevent an accident.

Please be aware that criminals sometimes pose as workmen or utility company representatives to use highway works as an excuse to gain access to residents' properties for criminal activity. Genuine representatives of utility companies should be able to produce identification and if in any doubt do not allow access and telephone the police.