Made in Bury community awards

Made in Bury 2017

About the Made in Bury Community Awards

As part of the Council's 'Made in Bury' campaign, Bury Council recognises the hard work of many residents and community groups throughout the Borough. Residents were asked to nominate an individual/community group that is making an outstanding contribution to their community. There were four categories to cast your vote where your nomination must meet the following criteria:

Outstanding contribution to a township award

  • Helped to promote activities to bring communities together and build a shared sense of place, belonging and community pride.
  • Helped to encourage active engagement by communities within a township.
  • Helped to promote equality of opportunity for all within a township in the borough of Bury.
  • Supported projects to improve community safety and fear of crime within a township in the borough of Bury.
  • Initiated or supported a project to improve the health and wellbeing of residents within a township in the borough of Bury.
  • Initiated or supported projects have had a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people within a township in the borough of Bury.
  • Shown dedication to the care and support of others.
  • Helped to promote work and learning opportunities or entrepreneurship within a township in the borough of Bury.

2017 Winner Outstanding Contribution to a Township - Joanne Wilcock

Young person or young persons' group - outstanding community contribution award

All nominees aged 25 or under to meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Shown their enthusiasm and had the determination and conviction to achieve positive things.
  • Worked to enhance their local neighbourhood or environment.
  • Strived to promote the views of young people and/or represent young people in decision-making.
  • Shown dedication to a community project, club or society that benefits others.
  • Helped to make a stance against discrimination within their community/school/college.
  • Shown dedication to the care and support of others.

2017 Winner Young Persons' Group - Bury STARS

Volunteer of the year award

  • Outstanding commitment and dedication to improve the lives of others and/or improve their local area.
  • Demonstrated that they have gone 'above and beyond' expectations to make a real difference to their community.

2017 Winner Volunteer of the Year - Jacquie Morrison

Best Community Project funded by the Township Forum

Projects which have demonstrated the following:

  • A project run by local volunteers who wish to improve the circumstances of individuals and communities in economically/socially excluded and/or deprived areas of Bury.
  • Encouraged involvement of local residents in improving, designing, identifying and implementing community activities.
  • Promote voluntary participation and social inclusion as well as community
    involvement and self-help.
  • Meet and demonstrate an emerging or immediate need and serve to build the
    community's awareness.
  • Dedicated their time to provide a better life for others.
  • Showing selflessness to support their fellow community members.

Please chose from one of the following projects:

  • Bury East: Walshaw Park WASPS
    • providing affordable football training to mixed ability players, improving skills, fitness and team work.
  • Bury West: Fusilier Court Residents Association
    • improving the environment/amenities and producing Newsletters for better informed residents
  • Ramsbottom, Tottington North Manor: D-Caff: Greenmount Village Community
    • D-Caff dementia cafe offers emotional and practical support on a monthly basis, creating a safe meeting place for people who are living with dementia, their carers and relatives
  • Radcliffe: Redeeming Our Communities (ROC)
    • setting up a community cinema club and ballroom dancing for 60+
  • Whitefield & Unsworth: Eden Gardens Allotment
    • to promote and encourage cultivation of fruit, veg & flowers educating local community members through open days
  • Prestwich: Big Knit
    • an active group knitting for charity and the benefit of others (blankets, shawls, jumpers, hats/scarves, baby items).

2017 Winner Best Community Project Funded by the Township Forum - D-Caff

Judging the awards

All nominations were judged by Bury Council's Small Grants Panel which is chaired by the Cabinet Member for Communities and Safe Neighbourhoods and comprises of a small group of elected councillors.

Award ceremony

The winners were invited to an award ceremony which took place at Annual Full Council before Mayor Making on Wednesday 17 May 2017. There was also an informal meet and greet of Council dignitaries prior to the ceremony.

2016 award winners

  1. Outstanding Contribution to a Township - Sheila Blackman, Liz McDonald, Ged McGee and Colette Jones
  2. Young Person or Young Persons' Group - Leah Hanlon and George Rimmer
  3. Volunteer of the Year - Peter James-Robinson, Geeta Sarin, Gary Dawson and Elaine Valle-Jones
  4. Good Neighbour - Gwendoline Robinson
  5. Exceptional Community Support - Redvales Flood Relief team (Emily Owen, George Rimmer, Imran Younis, Fasar Khashnood, Yvonne Bagguley, Andrew Lyones, Shazad Haider, Omar Farooq) and Steve and Lucy Houghton-Burnett