Payments to private landlords

Housing Benefit (also known as Local Housing Allowance) is normally paid to the tenant when the property is rented from a private landlord. Sometimes private landlords can receive payments in situations where:

  • the tenant is unable to manage their own affairs
  • the tenant is unlikely to pay their rent
  • there are rent arrears of over 8 weeks
  • the landlord agrees to reduce the rent and this enables a tenant to obtain a new tenancy or continue with an existing tenancy

Please use this form to request payments are made to a private landlord. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete.

Request payments of Housing Benefit/Local Housing Allowance are made to a private landlord

We can consider requests made on behalf of a tenant by their family, landlord, welfare and support groups and Social Services, providing the tenant agrees to this. If a tenant has rent arrears of more than 8 weeks, a landlord can request payments are made directly to them without authorisation from the tenant.

When payments are being made to a private landlord we will review the tenant's circumstances regularly to check if this is still appropriate. Payments will continue to be made directly to the landlord until the review process is completed.