Greater Manchester (GM) Devolution

GM Devolution or Devo-GM, as it has been nicknamed, is a pioneering move to transfer powers from the Government to the ten Greater Manchester districts, including the borough of Bury.

The aim is to give local organisations more freedom to decide priorities and make decisions about £22 billion of funding which better reflect the needs of the region's 2.8 million people.

There are two distinct elements to the devolution programme. One covers issues such as policing and crime, housing, transport, planning, business support, and skills and training; and the second concentrates wholly on health and social care.

The Devo-GM programme will be delivered by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (the ten Greater Manchester Councils) and a directly-elected Mayor for the city region. The new Mayor for Greater Manchester will be elected by the region's voters in 2017. Until then, we have an interim mayor, Tony Llloyd.

About health and social care devolution programme

The health and scoail care devolution programme provides an exciting opportunity to improve services and address many of the health issues facing Greater Manchester. The vision is to deliver the greatest and fastest improvement in the health and wellbeing of 2.8 million people who live in Greater Manchester.

As well as helping local people to live longer, healthier lives, the health and social care devolution programme will also protect future services by making more efficient use of limited resources.

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is overseeing the health and social care devolution programme and taking charge of the £6 billion health and social care budget.  Made up of the 37 NHS organisations and councils in the city region, the partnership is governed by the Health and Social Care Partnership Board which meets in public each month. 

The health and social care devolution programme means that, for the first time, local leaders and clinicians will be able to design services to directly meet tithe needs of local communities. 

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The local picture

To feed into the overarching strategic Greater Manchester plan and guide work on improving the health and wellbeing of local communities, each of the ten local authorities across Greater Manchester have been tasked with developing locality plans. 

The locality plan for Bury outlines the vision for health and social care services throughout the borough over the next five years and sets out our aims against four key areas.  These areas are:

  • redesigning and improving services;
  • moving services closer to the community;
  • investing in early intervention and prevention;
  • enabling people to self care.

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