Apprenticeship grant for employers

The Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Grant for Employers has been live since 1 April 2015 as part of Greater Manchester's devolution deal. It offers employers wishing to recruit and employ a young person an Apprenticeship role in a Greater Manchester workplace up to £3,500 to support the costs. This grant replaces the national AGE grant within Greater Manchester.

  • Support to apprenticeship provider supporting Trailblazer Standard - £1000
  • Advanced or higher apprenticeship - £1000
  • Progressing an existing trainee from completed traineeship to apprenticeship within a 4 week period - £1000
  • Additional incentives - £1500 for employers offering any apprenticeship where
    • Apprentice workplace is in Greater Manchester and they started after 1 April 2015
    • Company size is less than 250
    • Not employed an apprentice in the last 12 months
    • Apprentice is age 16 to 24

Initial eligibility

Apprenticeship providers that hold an SFA contract to deliver apprenticeship should register their interest to receive the grant on behalf of their employers by emailing A grant agreement will be available by early May and sent out at this point for completion, alongside a template agreement that can be used with eligible employers.

If you are a sub-contractor your prime provider will need to register with the GMAGE team to enable the grant to be claimed on your behalf in the same way as with national AGE.

If you are an employer interested in taking on a new apprentice and think you may be eligible, contact your training provider or the National Apprenticeship Service on 0800 015 0600. Employers become eligible for the grant once they have employed the apprentice for 13 weeks.