Salt bins

We have a limited number of self-help salt bins.  We only provide these at known trouble spots, such as dangerous bends and steep hills, where snow and ice cause serious problems.  We have to limit the number of bins we provide so that we are able to maintain and re-fill them at times of need. 

We review the locations for salt bins annually, before our Winter Service starts in November.  Where we position the salt bins takes into account the impact on the locality and the ease of access for re-filling. 

We do not provide salt bins at locations on our gritting routes. 

The salt we provide in our salt bins is made available to allow local people to grit public roads and footways in their communities.  The salt should not be used for private use.  Salt for private use can be purchased from supermarkets, DIY stores and other commercial outlets.

You can view a list of all salt bin locations in Bury, Prestwich, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Tottington and Whitefield at the download provided below.  You can also tell us about a salt bin that needs refilling or one that has been moved from where it should be.

Report a problem with a salt bin