Planning projects

Since Bury Metropolitan District Council was formed in 1974, its Planning Service has delivered a large number of projects, many of which originated from proposals of its development plans. They range from town centre improvements to support for the East Lancs Railway. From reclamation of old industrial sites to organising business events to consolidating ancient monuments.

Current projects are listed below. If you are interested in past projects, contact us or the Archives Service.

  • Local nature reserves

    Local nature reserves are areas of green space for both people and wildlife.

  • East Lancs Railway Trust

    The East Lancashire Railway (ELR) opened as a heritage railway in 1987 and now operates along a 13 mile route between Heywood, Bury (both in Greater Manchester) and Rawtenstall in Lancashire.

  • Burrs Country Park

    Burrs Country Park is a significant attraction in Greater Manchester with a range of facilities to offer the visitor.

  • Chamberhall Hydro

    Small hydro electricity generating plant adjacent to one of the weirs on the River Irwell.

  • Radcliffe cycle-friendly district centre

    Between 2015 and 2018 Radcliffe is programmed to benefit from £0.75m of investment in cycle routes.

  • A Plan for Prestwich High Street

    Find out what our plans are for Prestwich High Street.

  • Radcliffe and Redvales Flood Defence Scheme

    The Environment Agency has appointed consultants to identify and appraise options for building flood defences along the River Irwell between Warth and Radcliffe town centre.

  • Bury Bolton railway path

    Bury has a provisional allocation of £650,000 over three years to complete the Bury Bolton railway path.