Business rates Direct Debits

Use the form below to:

  • set up a new Direct Debit
  • switch an existing Direct Debit to new bank details

If you represent a Limited Company or Partnership and have a bank account which needs more than one person to authorise a Direct Debit, please see the section further down this page.

The form will take 5 minutes to complete. There is the choice of:

  • two payment dates of the 1st or 20th of each month
  • paying over 10 instalments between April and January, or 12 instalments between April and March

Set up a new Direct Debit, or change an existing Direct Debit

You can also set up or change a Direct Debit by phoning us on 0161-253-5035.

We will send you a new bill to confirm we have set up or changed your Direct Debit.

Direct Debits for bank accounts which need more than one signature

In the case of a Limited Company or Partnership, where more than one signatory is required to set up a Direct Debit, we cannot accept online applications or take the details over the telephone. To set up a Direct Debit please download, complete and return the form below, or contact us and we will send one to you.

Cancel a Direct Debit

You can cancel a Direct Debit by contacting your bank. Please also let us know you have done this. If you are having difficulties making payments get in touch to see what we can do to help.