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Top titles and authors

Current top titles as of January 2017 
PositionTitleTotal IssuesTotal Items
1Make me / Lee Child.42835
2The girl on the train / Paula Hawkins.32534
3The missing husband / Amanda Brooke.32332
4Rogue lawyer / John Grisham.30522
5Little face / Sophie Hannah.30224
615th affair / James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.30127
7The crossing / Michael Connelly.29621
8NYPD Red. 4 / James Patterson & Marshall Karp.29327
9After you / Jojo Moyes.27525
10Life after life / Kate Atkinson.26928
Current top authors as of January 2017
PositionAuthorTotal IssuesTotal Items
1Patterson, James54021267
2Roberts, Nora1971431
3Steel, Danielle1838452
4Jacobs, Anna1669285
5Child, Lee1620243
6Baldacci, David1600218
7James, Peter1365211
8Beaton, M. C1320234
9Grisham, John1275279
10Connelly, Michael1171217
All time top titles as of January 2017
PositionTitleTotal IssuesTotal Items
1One good turn : a jolly murder mystery / Kate Atki180323
2The thirteenth tale / Diane Setterfield.169422
3The book thief / Markus Zusak.168322
4The night watch / Sarah Waters.166629
5The island / Victoria Hislop.147827
6Restless / William Boyd.145524
7The uncommon reader / Alan Bennett.142326
8A long way down / Nick Hornby.141521
9Life after life / Kate Atkinson.137228
10Small wars / Sadie Jones.134218
All time top authors as of January 2017
PositionAuthorTotal IssuesTotal Items
1Patterson, James337621267
2Roberts, Nora14329431
3Steel, Danielle11577452
4Jacobs, Anna10862285
5Beaton, M. C9306234
6Grisham, John8402279
7Child, Lee8333243
8McCall Smith, Alexander8104324
9Baldacci, David8070218
10Connelly, Michael7565217