Council Tax leaflets and guides

Information about Council Tax bills 2017-18

This leaflet includes information about:

  • who has to pay the Council Tax 
  • how to pay your Council Tax
  • how your Council Tax can be reduced with a discount or exemption
  • how to claim Council Tax Support
  • the adult social care precept

A guide to your Council Tax 2017-18

This leaflet provides the following information:

  • how your Council Tax is worked out
  • estimated spending and income for the Council
  • spending plans for 2017-18 

Precepts and levies 2017-18

This leaflet gives information about Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority. It includes details of their budgets for the year, their achievements, and future plans.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services information 2017-18

This leaflet provides details of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's expenditure and income, and information about the services they provide.

Transport for Greater Manchester information 2017-18

This leaflet explains how Transport for Greater Manchester spend the money allocated to them from the Council Tax collected by Bury Council