eBooks and eAudiobooks

As a member of Bury Libraries you can download a range of popular eBooks from the Overdrive library service and eAudiobooks from the OneClick digital audiobook collection. If you are already registered to borrow eBooks and/or eAudiobooks you can access these collections directly from the buttons below.

Note: From June 2017 we will no longer offer access to the OneClick digital audiobook collection. However, we'll soon be offering access to eAudiobooks from Borrowbox. We will keep customers updated via our news and events web page and our monthly e-zine.

Borrow an eBook

   Borrow an eAudiobook

If you are not registered then please follow the instructions below.


Books can be read online or offline in any modern web browser, as well as a range of ePub compatible eBook readers (Kobo, NOOK, Sony). There are also apps for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.

How to borrow an eBook

  1. Go to Bury Libraries eBooks site.
  2. Find a book you want to borrow, and click on the title or book image.
  3. From the detail view click the borrow button, you will be asked to sign in.
  4. Type in your library card number and library password, which should take you to your bookshelf and will give you a number of reading options.

Reading via your web browser

If you choose the read option, the book will open in your web browser and you can read it online. You can add the book to your browser's favourites/bookmarks and you will also be able to read it via your browser when you are not connected to the internet. To read books in your browser you need an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer. Older versions of Internet Explorer are supported by the Google Chrome Frame Plugin.

Reading on your ePub compatible eBook reader

To read books on a dedicated eBook reader, you need to be able to download the eBook and transfer it to the reader. You have to do this using Adobe Digital Editions software, authorised with an Adobe ID. Once the software is installed and registered on your computer, you can choose to download the eBook and this will become visible as a borrowed book in Adobe Digital Editions. You can then connect your eBook reader, and when it becomes visible you can transfer the eBook across.

Note: Amazon does not support UK library eBook lending, so we are unable to provide eBooks in Kindle eBook format. If you have a Kindle fire you may be able to read eBooks using the Overdrive App or its web browser.

Reading on your Mobile Device

There is an Overdrive App for Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices. In most cases you will also be able to read eBooks via your device's web browser.


To access these audiobooks you will need a valid Bury Libraries membership number, the one that's on your library card, and you will also need to create a OneClickDigital account. Creating an account is easy and doesn't cost anything. 

How to borrow an eAudiobook

  1. You'll need to sign up via our library catalogue "Web Access Management" system. Go to our OneClickDigital sign up page to verify that you are a member of Bury Libraries.
  2. Use your library login on the Web Access Management screen, you will then be forwarded to the OneClickDigital sign-up.
  3. Set up an account with OneClickDigita
  4. Close your browser to clear the Web Access Management session.
  5. To access e-audio books, once you have a OneClickDigital account, you can find them in the library catalogue or go direct to the OneClickDigital site and search for them there.
  6. When you've found an item(s) to download, follow the video tutorials in the help section at the OneClickDigital site for guidance on downloading and installing the OneClickDigital Media Manager software. This software allows you to transfer your items to a portable reader.
  7. Alternatively, see the tutorial on using an app to download and read items on your smart phone or tablet.