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Planzine - Edition 15 (September 2017)

News spotlight

You can help shape the Bury Local Plan

Following the consultation we held in March 2017, we are now starting the process of producing a new Local Plan for Bury and would like your views on the issues it should address.

The Local Plan will set out a range of planning policies that will seek to support or restrict development up to 2035 and will identify land for specific uses. The Local Plan won't cover everything because some issues are of wider significance than the local level, such as strategic allocations for housing and employment land and amendments to the Green Belt boundary. All these things will continue to be covered by the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF).

However, Bury still needs a plan to sit alongside the GMSF which covers key issues for the borough. In the plan we suggest what we think these key issues are and a policy framework to cover these.

We are starting the process of producing a new Local Plan for Bury and would like your views on the issues and policies it should contain.

Let us have your views

Get involved in shaping your Local Plan at an early stage.

  • Do you agree with our suggestions?
  • If not, what else should be included?
  • Is our vision for 2035 appropriate?

Comments are invited by 5pm on Monday 2 October 2017. More details are available on our Bury Local Plan web page.


Call for Sites - suggest a site for development or protection

Brownfield development sites

As part of the Bury Local Plan consultation we are carrying out a 'Call for Sites' exercise to identify land that is suitable for a range of uses, either for development or for protection. In particular, we want you to let us know if there are any brownfield sites we should be aware of?

To help us gather the necessary information on sites, we encourage you to complete our official call for sites form and provide a plan of the site clearly showing its boundary. The form can be found on our Bury Local Plan page or you may wish to email us at

What's next for the GM Spatial Framework? 

The timetable for the development and publication of the second draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) has been discussed by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Salford City Mayor and the leaders of Greater Manchester's Councils.

The first draft was subject to public consultation between October 2016 and January 2017, attracting 27,000 responses. The second draft will take into account concerns raised, aiming to make the most of Greater Manchester's brownfield sites and reduce the impact on Green Belt.

Paul Dennett, Salford City Mayor and GMCA lead member for housing, planning and homelessness announced that the second draft will be published in June 2018 and will be subject to a 12-week public consultation. Prior to this, a series of steps will be carried out including:

  • Publication of the responses to the first draft in September 2017
  • Release of data and associated sources of information such as population estimates which will help calculate the requirements for housing and employment.

The full press release can be found at My News Desk - Next steps in Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Your questions answered - The Local Plan and the GMSF

We recognise that having two processes running alongside each other can be confusing and that it may be difficult to determine which plan will cover what issue and how they will interact. Many of the queries we receive are in relation to how the Local Plan and GMSF differ from each other.

What is the relationship between the Local Plan and GMSF?

Bury's development plan will be in two parts; the GMSF and the Local Plan, once adopted, and it is these documents which will form the basis for determining future applications. Bury's Local Plan will need to conform to the GMSF.

What issues will the Local Plan and GMSF cover?

The new 'Key Issues and Policy Framework' for the Bury Local Plan includes a table at Appendix 1 which sets out the roles of each document in how it is expected they will respond to particular issues. In some cases the GMSF will not include a policy as it will be an issue solely for the Local Plan, such as main town centre uses. We welcome your views on Appendix 1 as part of the current Local Plan consultation, see our Bury Local Plan web page.

Where can I find out more on the GMSF?

Please see our GMSF - Frequently asked questions page. This explains what the proposals are, how brownfield land is being prioritised, the plans for release of Green Belt, why the sites were chosen, alternative sites and implications for local infrastructure.

Major applications - have your say

Major applications
AddressApplication numberProposal
Mercedes-Benz of Whitefield, Manchester Road, Bury61834Change of use of land to form staff parking area

You can view the plans and submit comments on the above application by searching for the relevant application number in our Planning - Applications site.

Next committee

Tuesday 19 September, 7.00pm at Bury Town Hall. Visit Planning control committee meetings.