Register for business rates

Business rates are worked out on a daily basis, so it is important to tell us of any changes straight away. The easiest way to let us know something is due to change is to use one of the forms below.

Let us know you are moving your business into the borough, or are due to start trading with a new business

Let us know you are moving your business out of the borough, or are ceasing trading

If you are moving business premises within the borough we will need you to fill in a form for your old address and a form for your new premises.

If you remain within Bury and have paid too much at your old address we will transfer the balance to your new account. If you move outside the Bury area we will refund the money to you.

We will use the information you give us to register you for business rates or amend your accounts. Where possible we will award discounts such as small business rates relief at the same time.

Further information about how your business rates will be worked out and the discounts available can be found at our business rates explained web pages.