Application and appeal to change Secondary School

A list of schools are available on the Bury Local Authority Secondary Schools list along with your catchment areas Secondary school catchment areas.

The process for application to secondary schools is that all applications must be considered by the In Year Fair Access Panel (IYFAP) first, and only if necessary by an appeals panel. You should not withdraw your child from school before this process is complete.

You are encouraged to apply for more than one school to prevent delay.

Appeal to change secondary school

If not appealing online you can complete the Transfer between Secondary Schools Application Form (this is known as the AF3 form) below and return it to the address on the form.

pdf icon Transfer between secondary schools AF3 application form [169kb]

This form needs to be completed for both stages of the application process which is detailed below. You should be aware that a copy of your appeal form may be sent to the Headteacher of your child's current school and to the Headteacher of the school you are requesting.

There are two stages to the process, and you need to complete all sections of this form to prevent delay.

First stage

At the first stage, information will be obtained from your child's previous school and your admission request will be considered by Bury's IYFAP. The panel will consider the allocation of one of your 3 school preferences but this is not always possible. You will be given a list of alternative schools with vacancies, by the IYFAP Team.

Second stage

The second stage allows you to appeal if your preferred school is full or if you are not happy with your allocated school. The AF3 form will be processed as an appeal form by the Admissions Team.

You should not withdraw your child from school before the appeal decision is made.

A statement will then be prepared outlining the reasons why a place has not been offered at your preferred school(s). The two forms will then be forwarded to the Democratic Services Section which is responsible for arranging the Appeals Meetings. You will receive notification of the date of the meeting and will be invited to attend. The Appeals Panel will consider your submission, the Authority's statement and any other information made available to them at the meeting. A decision will be reached based on this information. Any enquiries relating to the date or time of the appeals meetings, the decision or the process of the Appeals Panels should be made to Democratic Services on telephone: 0161-253-5398.

  • The decision of the Appeals Panel is binding. If the decision is in your favour, then a place will be offered to your child and the school will be notified accordingly.

  • If you need any advice on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help.

  • If your child has a Statement of Educational Needs, you cannot appeal through this system to the Local Appeals Panel. If you do not live within Bury Council's area, you should contact the Special Needs Section of your own Local Authority. If you live in Bury, you should contact the Special Educational Needs (SEN) team on 0161-253-5969.