Burials and cremations


Grave deeds

When you purchase a private grave, you are issued with a deed granting you the exclusive right of burial. Please note that this deed does not give you ownership of the land, only the right of burial. This grave deed must be produced whenever the grave is required to be opened for an interment. The loss of the deed could cause you delay and inconvenience at this time, so keep it safe with other important documents. When the grave has to be re-opened for an interment, give the grave deed to your funeral director who will make arrangements for you. Make sure the deed is returned to you after the funeral. Remember, if anyone else holds the grave deed, they may have the grave opened for an interment, so keep the deed safe. If you do lose it then contact Bury Cemetery office, where you may obtain advice on the necessary procedure.

Grave ownership

The person whose name appears on the deed as the purchaser of an exclusive right (registered grave owner) is the only person who can authorise such things as the erection of a memorial or the cutting of an inscription. When the registered grave owner dies, the deed passes to the executors of the next of kin. The registered owner can transfer the title to the grave to another person. Such transfers are not valid unless registered with the cemetery office. This allows us to contact the current registered owner if needed.

Capacity of a private grave

A private grave will normally hold four adult interments (burials) but no guarantee in this connection can be given. The reason for this is that conditions vary from time to time and from place to place in a cemetery, and there are other variable factors that can affect the capacity of a grave. The capacity is not affected by the burial of small caskets containing cremated remains (ashes). Please note that when a grave is opened for an interment (burial) to take place, the soil from this grave will have to be placed on the adjacent graves. The inconvenience to people visiting these graves is unavoidable, but temporary. Staff will place boards on the nearby graves to protect them and to protect monuments and gardened graves. However, the contractor cannot be held responsible for unavoidable damage to the gardened graves.


There is one crematorium within the borough of Bury.

East Lancashire Crematorium

The East Lancashire Crematorium, Cemetery Road, Radcliffe, is privately-operated by Memoria Limited. It is situated within the boundary of Radcliffe Cemetery and provides comfortable surroundings, a garden of remembrance and an ornamental pond. Memoria Limited

Neighbouring crematoriums outside of the borough of Bury