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An e-Petition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions to be made available to a potentially greater audience than a traditional paper based petition. Anyone who lives, works or studies within Bury can sign a petition.

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Current e-Petitions

There are currently no open online petitions.

e-Petitions closed in the last 6 months

ePET053 - Save Radcliffe Library

We the undersigned demand that Radcliffe Library remains open, functioning as a library and meeting space for the adults and children of Radcliffe and the surrounding areas.

ePET052 - Saving Tottington Library

Please join our list of local community friends to help save Tottington Library from closure.

ePET051 - To suspend the consultation process until an independent review has taken place of Bury's Housing needs

The 20 year Housing requirement for the Metropolitan Borough of Bury as specified in the draft GMSF is wrong based on inaccurate population forecasts. If these figures are correct it would mean the largest local population increase since 1881.

We the people of Bury call upon Bury MBC to suspend their involvement in the Spatial Framework process until they have instructed independent experts to assess the housing need for our borough and that this process be supervised by a cross party committee of councillors.

ePET050 - Residents only parking near Metrolink, Radcliffe

Residents of Haworth Street, Bridgefield Street and Barlow Street in Radcliffe cannot park near their homes or on their street due to people parking all day because the Metrolink car park is full by 8am.

Metrolink users are leaving their cars all day, double parking, parking on junctions and pavements. Residents propose a residents only parking scheme or an exclusion period through the day and that Bury Council and Metrolink seek expansion opportunities of the Metrolink car park or provide alternative parking by opening up the road at the disused site of East Lancs paper mill and Papermakers.

ePET049 - Close single track road

Petition to close off Lowther Road where the road narrows to single track. People use the road as a pass through and subsequently the extra traffic makes this single track more dangerous.

Additionally the single track is staggered, you cannot see incoming traffic, highly dangerous with the regular speeders we have using the road.

ePET 048 - Make residential parking permits free

Residential parking permits in Bury now cost £30 per vehicle in each household, which all residents are required to pay, if they want to park their car outside their house.

Why should residents have to pay to park their car outside their own house? Granted it reduces the amount of parking spots taken up by those visiting Bury town centre, however, residents should not have to pay to avoid this, especially not such a high sum (which
initially started around the £20 mark, when the scheme was introduced). Based on people who have 2 or more vehicles in each household, this comes to a sum of at £60 for a parking permit, and for those with more vehicles, it is dearer.

Residential parking permits should be free for those residents who own a vehicle and have proof of ownership and the car is registered to that address, where the parking permits apply.

Those traffic wardens are paid a wage regardless plus the amount of money the council make by issuing tickets should also cover their wage, so it is absurd as to why the residents have to pay this frankly extortionate amount, to simply park their car outside their house without any cost.

Therefore we request for the residential parking permits to be available free, for all residents who have proof of ownership of the vehicle and that it is registered to the address within the permit zone.