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Housing benefit

What is housing benefit?

Housing benefit helps tenants with low incomes pay their rent. It is a means tested benefit so the amount you get depends on:

  • your income
  • your savings or capital
  • the size and for some private tenants, the condition of your home, compared with similar homes in the area
  • the amount of your rent
  • other people living with you

Types of housing benefit claims

Tenants of Six Town Housing, housing associations and those with registered rents are usually charged lower amounts of rent than tenants in the private sector. For these types of claims the maximum amount of housing benefit will usually cover the amount of rent charged. However there are restrictions on the amount of housing benefit you can receive if your rent from a social landlord and your property is too large for the size of your household. Find out more about the under occupancy rules.

For tenants renting from private landlords we have to decide if the rent being charged is a fair one. For claims made before 2008 and which are still in payment this decision is made on a case by case basis by the Valuation Office Agency. Claims made after April 2008 are paid under the local housing allowance scheme. This is a simpler process where the maximum amount of benefit is based on the size of the tenant's household. Find out more about local housing allowance.

To find out if you can get housing benefits there is a link in the offsite links box on the right hand side of this page to an independent benefits calculator provided by Entitled to.

Making a claim for housing benefit

Bury Council administers housing benefit, council tax support and free school meals. Although they are different schemes we need to see the same information, so wherever possible we will process all of them together which means that you only need to complete one application.

You can make a claim for housing benefit straightaway using our on line claim form.

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