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As a resident living in the Borough of Bury you can take your extra waste and recycling to any household waste recycling centre in Greater Manchester. 

Details of centres in the borough of Bury are available in our recycling centres search below.  

For details of all centres across Greater Manchester go to the Recycle for Greater Manchester website.

About our recycling centres search

This search facility will help you to find the right recycling centre for the type of material that you want to recycle. 

How to use our recycling centres search 

To use the search facility select a search type from the following choices.

  • Select 'search by materials' to choose the type of material or materials you want to recycle.
  • Select 'search by location' to choose your nearest recycling location.
  • Select 'view all centres' for a list of all recycling sites throughout the Borough.

Household waste recycling centres in the borough of Bury are located at Fernhill Depot, Every Street, Bury and Cemetery Road, Radcliffe.

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