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Bury covers an area of 10,000 ha with a population of over 183,000. It is made up of six distinctive townships - Bury East, Bury West, Ramsbottom, Tottington and North Manor, Radcliffe, Whitefield & Unsworth and Prestwich.

Although each town retains its own individuality, they still form an integral part of the Greater Manchester area, which is itself the regional centre of North West England and the UK's largest economic area outside of London. The area's rich industrial heritage helped shape the modern Metropolitan Borough. However, much reclamation of worn-out industrial land has taking place leading to a green and pleasant environment.

The borough is able to offer a high-quality lifestyle across varied rural, suburban, and urban locations, with good quality housing available at more affordable prices than in the south of the conurbation, combined with primary and secondary schools that enjoy a good reputation and excellent levels of attainment, that makes Bury an attractive destination for highly skilled people looking to get on and move up the property ladder.

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Position of Bury in the North West
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