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Council tax support

Council tax support is a discount scheme which helps people on low incomes with their council tax.

It is a means tested discount, so the amount you get depends on:

  • your income
  • your savings and capital
  • the amount of council tax you are charged
  • the income and capital of other people living with you. 

The information on this website relates to the council tax support scheme run by Bury Council. If you live in another council's area please check with them, because their scheme may be different from ours.

To find out if you can get council tax support there is a link in the offsite links box on the right hand side of this page to an independent benefits calculator provided by Entitled to.

Although housing benefit and council tax support are different schemes we need the same information to process both types of claims. Therefore wherever possible we will administer both schemes together which means that you will only need to complete one application. If you do not rent the property you live in, then we can consider a claim for council tax support on its own.

Council tax support can be awarded in addition to other council tax reductions, such as single persons discount. Please see our webpages for more information about council tax discounts.

Find out more about the council tax support scheme in Bury.